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Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator Review

Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator Review

Having been in business since the early 1950s, Philips are one of the leading global electronics manufacturers, and they specialize in providing economical hair removal options which don’t sacrifice efficiency for effectiveness.

Their Satinelle Advanced Wet & dry epilator (with 6 accessories), is a demonstration of Philips’ commitment to gifting you with an affordable, innovative epilator that is one of the best epilators out there today.

It is, however, quite important that we get to the root (a pun you will become painfully aware of, if you’re not already) of what an epilator actually does.

Epilators remove hair at the root, and unfortunately self-medicating for pain (and that includes wine!) is not recommended.

This torturous beauty is realized through a range of techniques. While some use tweezers or springs, the Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator cuts to the chase using their unique ceramic discs with a micro-ridged surface. The long and short (emphasis on short) of it is, this firm grip style of epilating guarantees the shortest hair possible.

Understandably, the whole ‘individually removing hairs at the root’ vibe may seem like an outdated beauty requirement to the modern feminist, but the verdict (based on a number of positive reviews) is in, and, trust us, it's worth it.

Given their delicate nature, it's difficult to pick a ‘best epilator’. Thankfully, the experts (we really mean wizards) at Philips have gone all in to create an affordable, effective option for the conscious consumer.

What We Like

Here’s what’s in it for you! Their 6 piece removal kit will let you achieve up to 4 weeks of fresh, smooth skin.

Philips Satinelle Advanced wet & dry epilator covered with water.

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With its micro-ridged ceramic discs this epilator has a long, deep reach, which with its comfort enhancing anti-slip grip optimizing Wet and Dry usage, will leave you with hair 4 times as short as a wax would!

Boasting Philips’ patented, widest epilator head compared to leading competitors, it removes more hair in a single stroke, and as gently as possible removes even the shortest hairs (0.5mm) that cannot be removed by waxing.

They even added a built-in light (the Opti-Light) so you can optimize your hair removal.

Its ergonomic design complete with an S-shaped handle which is narrower at the bottom, affords it a dual speed system which runs from a rechargeable cordless battery which runs for up to 1.5 hours.

This allows you to opt for a slower speed for the more sensitive areas, such as bikini-line or underarms and higher speed to clear thicker, coarser hair on larger areas more quickly.

The Attachments

On top of the epilator itself, the Satinelle Advanced Wet & dry has a number of add-ons which help you prioritize specifics areas and pander to your specific needs.

Facial Cap

The facial cap has a narrow opening, which has the advantage of minimizing the potential catching points available. This allows for precise removal and a more gentle application to facial areas.

Although it is easily attached by simply pressing on top of the epilator, it has the unavoidable side effect of increasing the thickness of the head as a whole, reducing its effectiveness at grasping and removing smaller hairs.

Most reviews agree that it is most useful when used on the slower epilating speed.

Delicate Area Cap

Similar to the facial cap, the delicate area cap works to provide a gentler approach to hypersensitive locations such as underarms and bikini-line.

Although it has similar coverage than the facial cap, reviews agree the tradeoff can be worth it given those areas’ sensitivity.

Philips Satinelle Advanced wet & dry epilator set.

Massaging Cap

Reviews are unanimous in their praise for the massage cap. Rollers grace either side of the head without compromising the generous maximum area coverage.

If your intention is to remove as many hairs as humanly possible, and as painlessly as possible, then this will be your favorite attachment by a country mile.

The rollers are engineering to ‘glide’ across the surface of your skin whilst rollers massage the skin, vastly improving comfort with the advantage of ensuring it’s held at the optimal 90 degree angle.

Shaving Head And Trimmer Comb

As the second piece of a 2-piece system, the easily interchangeable shaving head and trimmer comb are designed to provide a complete hair removal experience in one product.

The trimmer comb allows you to trim hairs to a length of 3 mm, and is simply clicked onto the shaver head, allowing you to reduce hairs to manageable lengths so as not to get them caught in the epilator.

The shaver head is a reasonable addition for the epilator if you are going to use epilation as your sole hair removal system, however it doesn’t have the versatility or fine removal capacity of a standalone trimmer.

What We Don’t Like

It is best to face life’s stark realities head on and get to the root cause. Hence, as this epilator does not come with a built in general anesthetic, full disclosure, it will most definitely hurt.

Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt that much. The Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry is purpose built, through using the massage attachment, to reduce the initial shock, and massage the skin as it removes hairs, guiding you to pain-free hair removal when used continually.

The other down side? Reviewers are finding themselves continually frustrated with its complications as a cordless model, namely, that it cannot be used when plugged in.

Buying Advice

Amazon will consistently keep the pricing competitive, so that’s going to be your best option when ordering online.

Insofar as its pricing generally, retailing at just under $69 it isn’t the cheapest model, however is definitely affordable, but reviews by far claim it is the most economical given its efficiency over cheaper models.

Philips Satinelle Advanced wet & dry epilator.


Philips have made an ergonomic, affordable epilator suited to the modern women. The Satinelle Advanced Wet & dry comes with 6 attachments individualized to maximize the epilator’s suitability to remove hair in delicate locations as smoothly as possible. It gets a thumbs up from us.

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