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Using an Epilator for Face Stubble

Using an epilator for face stubble really can transform your life. Models appear to have flawless skin and never reveal a stray hair.  Yet, despite your best efforts this may seem like a common occurrence to you!  Fortunately there is a solution:

  1. Recognize the truth

Models and celebrities are usually airbrushed; their skin simply cannot be that perfect all the time!

  1. Use the right Product

Shaving is an effective way of removing hair, but only for a very short period of time.  There are other products, such as an epilator for face which can remove your unwanted hair for a much longer period of time.

The Problem with Face Stubble

woman face stubble

No girl wants to admit they have hair on their face; it is often associated with looking manly.  In fact, it is connected with the color of your skin and hair. Darker hair will always show up more than lighter hair; especially if the dark hair is coarse.

You may be interested to know that 18 million American woman re concerned about facial hair!

There are actually two types of hair on the human body:

  1. Vellus hair – this generally appears on a woman’s face, chest and back.  It is fine, almost invisible hair.
  2. Terminal hair – this is much thicker, darker and coarse.  It generally forms on your legs and arms; as well as the top of your head.

Unfortunately, it is possible to get terminal hair where there should be vellus hair; this is the cause of facial hair and the subsequent need to remove it.

Is Shaving an Option?

This is something that many women do.  However, shaving provides a very limited solution.  Within a few hours of shaving you will notice that it is starting to grow back.  This is known as stubble.

Unfortunately, the hair tends to grow back darker and even coarser; making the problem worse!  Shaving is not really a viable long term option.

Have you tried Hair Removal Cream?

There are a number of different creams on the market which fade the color of the hair or work to remove them through a chemical process.  Whilst this is an option some people use it is a dangerous route to follow.  Hair removal creams are not ideal for the face as they can be ineffective and leave burn marks.


This is an effective way of removing unwanted hair; from almost any part of your body.  It is painful and is not really a viable option for your face; the red look and rash would not help you to get ready for a night out!

How is the Epilator for Face Better?

This leaves the epilator; an electronic device which looks much like a men’s electric razor.  In fact, it has a large number of similarities to one!  The main difference is that it does not seek to cut the hair; it actually pulls the root out.  This is an effective way of preventing it from growing back for several weeks!

A facial hair epilator can be run across the face several times to maximize the number of hairs pulled out of your skin.  However, there are several things you should consider before purchasing your first epilator for face stubble:

  • Facial or all-over?

You can purchase an epilator dedicated to facial hair removal.  These are designed to work more slowly than the all over body type; allowing the experience to be less painful.

They will also have smaller heads to enable you to maneuver it successfully across your face.  This type will be very effective but cannot be used easily on the rest of your body; it is too small!

  • Wet or Dry

A wet epilator can be used in the bath or shower when your skin is soft enough to make hair removal a little less painful.  Epilators which can be used in water will be battery operated but can be very effective.

  • Tweezers

Every epilator will be rated by the number of tweezers they have.  However, the best face ones will not go to excess.  Speed is not the priority when dealing with face stubble, the results and as little pain as possible are.

  • Speed setting

It is important to have a dual speed setting; this will slow the process of removing hair but will make it less painful.  This is essential if this is your first epilation experience or you are using it on sensitive skin; such as your face.

The Brand

Choose a reputable brand (as for example the Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator or the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Epilator) when deciding on an epilator for your face; it is worth spending a little more to get the right product.  Epilators will usually last for many years and you will more than recoup the money through savings on razor purchases and waxing treatments.

Even better, an epilator can be used in the privacy of your own home and can ensure that you never have face stubble again!  This will provide you with the confidence to go to places and events that you have not been too before.

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