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How to reduce pain and irritation associated with an epilator

How to Remove Pain and Irritation Associated With an Epilator

If you haven’t tried using an epilator then it is time to give it a go! It is far more convenient than applying wax and less painful than pulling the wax off; although it does work along the same principle.

Shaving can be an effective method of hair removal, but it does require you to be in the shower or bath and needs done be done extremely regularly.

The epilator is a much better choice as it can be used at any time and provides results that can last for up to six weeks. The exact length of time will depend upon a variety of factors including hair type and how well you remove the hair.

An Epilator is Not Pain Free

It is not really possible to pluck the hairs from your body without causing some pain. A good level of preparation can reduce the amount of pain you feel when epilating but not all of it. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques you can employ to ensure your epilating session is pain free and any irritation is quickly cleared up.


As mentioned, the right level of preparation can significantly reduce the pain you will experience when using an epilator. There are several items to complete before you epilate.

  1. Exfoliate – Scrubbing your skin will remove dead skin and any other debris on the surface of your skin. This can help to prevent in-growing hairs after you have epilated; and eliminate many causes of irritation.
  2. Hot bath – A hot bath will open your pores; allowing them to be cleansed before you pluck the hairs out. If your pores are open then you will notice the epilator finds it much easier to pull the hairs out. In essence, they are being pulled out of a larger hole; less resistance equates to less pain.
  3. Wax First – If you have only ever shaved before and never used an epilator then you should consider a professional waxing. You can then use the epilator to target the hairs as they start to reappear; this is a much less painful option.

Epilating to Avoid Pain

There are several techniques you can use to avoid feeling the pain of your hair being torn from your skin.

  1. Shower – If you have an epilator which can work in the water then you should use it in the bath or shower. The soothing hot water will ensure your body releases endorphins which boost pleasure and act as natural painkillers. You might even enjoy epilating.
  2. Taut Skin – Like many devices it will provide a better finish if the surface is taut. Hold each part of your body to ensure the skin is as taut as possible. This will ensure the epilating can pull the hairs out smoothly and dramatically reduce any pain.
  3. Perseverance – Your body is surprisingly adaptable. If you repeat the same process on a regular basis then it will adapt to it and the pain will feel less. Within a few sessions you will start to feel it lightly pinching rather than pulling.

This process is aided by the fact that regular epilating results in thinner hairs which are easy to pull out.

Irritation Does Not Have to Be an Aftereffect

An epilator works by pulling hairs from your skin; it is bound to feel a little agitated or irritated afterwards. However, this does not need to be an issue. Simply follow these tips to avoid the irritation and still have perfect, hair free, areas.

  1. The Epilator – One of the most effective ways to reduce pain and irritation associated with an epilator is to purchase the best one you can afford. This is one situation where the reviews and the price do make a difference.
  2. Cooling – As soon as you have finished epilating your skin will feel red raw. This is especially true if it is your first time. You should cool it immediately. Options for cooling include ice cold water from a spray bottle or a bag of frozen vegetables. You can even add a little lavender or witch hazel to the water to help with the cooling effect. Cooling the area will help to close the pores and reduce the redness, soothing you almost instantly.
  3. Creams – It is advisable to moisturize the area with a non-alcohol lotion. This will help to rehydrate the cells, repair them and prevent any irritation from damaged skin. You can also choose to use a hydrocortisone cream or one full of Aloe Vera; which will reduce any irritation.
  4. Clothing and exercise – Your clothing should be light and not rub on your skin for the next twenty four hours; this will prevent it from irritating your skin. It is also important to avoid exercise or heavy work; sweating will clog your pores, increase redness and create irritation.

The first time you epilate is the worst. But, with a little perseverance and the right approach you can soon be enjoying virtually pain free hair removal.

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