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The Importance of a Back-Up Epilator

The Importance of a Back-Up Epilator

Have you ever been about to head out on a date and realized that you have not yet removed the hair from your legs? It doesn’t matter if you are heading for an important date, business meeting or even your wedding; you will want your legs to look perfect.

Even if your legs are covered you can never be sure of what the day will bring; this is why it is essential to remove the hair and feel your confidence grow as you head out the door.

This does not just have to be a woman’s issue. Many men are now interested in removing their body hair. This can be for sporting reasons, for business purposes; such as a professional body builder or model, or it can just be to make you feel good.

One of the simplest methods of completing this task is by using an epilator.

Which Epilator is Right for you?

There are many different types of epilators on the market. If you are already a fan then you may have selected your preferred version. The most common are corded, battery operated and rechargeable versions. In general battery operated epilators are waterproof.

How Many Back-up Epilators Do You Need?

It is essential to have a back-up epilator. In reality, once you have been epilating for a while you are likely to have purchased a second epilator; your original one can make an excellent back-up epilator. There are a number of situations and reasons when you will be grateful that you had the back-up epilator to hand:

The Occasion

If your epilator stops working when you need it the most you will probably be glad if it is covered by a warranty. However, this will not help you to deal with the immediate issue. As with any piece of equipment, it will only break when you are using it. If this is just before an important occasion you are faced with not removing your excess hair, using an old fashioned method such as waxing or shaving, or worse, going out with only half the job done.

Even if you have the time to get to the shops, and they are open, purchasing an epilator is not something you should be doing in a hurry. A back-up epilator will allow you to complete the job and deal with the issue afterwards.


You may prefer the power and reliability of a corded epilator compared to the battery operated ones. However, this can be bulky when packing to take with you on an extended holiday or if you are staying overnight in preparation for a big event.

Of course, in theory you should only need to epilate every five to six weeks, but, if you need to take it with you a back-up epilator can be the perfect solution. You can opt for a cordless one and, if anything happens to it, you will not have to panic. Your main or back-up epilator will be at home waiting for you.


The majority of epilators have proved to be very reliable. There are very few, if any parts to be maintained; other than a clean after every use. The motor powers the revolving tweezers and this is the most likely place where you will develop an issue.

Of course, even the most reliable epilator will fail at some point. Undoubtedly this will be when you need it the most. Fortunately, if you have a back-up epilator you will simply be able to switch to it; allowing you to finish the job in hand. You can then decide if it is worth repairing or replacing your main epilator.

Battery Issues

Although you can still purchase corded epilators the general trend is towards battery powered or rechargeable ones.

However, this does leave you with an issue if you wish to use the epilator and it has not been recharged. Alternatively it may no longer be holding a charge or you do not have any replacement batteries.

Rather than leaving your hair to grow for another day or two you can simply switch to your back-up epilator and carry on.


There are many reasons why you will find it useful to have a back-up epilator handy. The most common reason is when you have a problem with your epilator and need a new one fast.

The best thing about a back-up epilator is that it does not need to cost you an extra penny. Once you have started using epilators you will quickly appreciate the benefits and will probably look to upgrade your first epilator. This will give you the opportunity to choose an epilator which is best designed for your skin and lifestyle.

Your original epilator can become your back-up epilator; allowing you to be prepared for any scenario, and still look and feel your best.

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